Authors On The Web

They are timely in updating and managing my site and I am impressed with their skills. - Nelson DeMille

How We Work

Before We Begin

We ask prospective clients to submit a manuscript or galley of their upcoming book or recent book as we are considering their website design/development project. When possible, we like to receive at least two copies. Galleys are typically read by the Client Relations Manager as well as Carol Fitzgerald, in order for AuthorsOnTheWeb to advise on the web presence that is needed for the clients and the books. After this, we schedule a phone call or in-person meeting with the clients to review the features that they would like on their website.

Building a website is a collaborative effort in which the client receives one-on-one service with the Design and Production Team, from the initial inquiry to the launch of the website, and is involved in each stage of the process.

A project plan is created which is then sent to the client. Sometimes the plan has been developed with just the features to be sure that we are in agreement on them. If we feel comfortable that this has been resolved, we then include a price. Carol reviews all project plans before they go to the client.

What We'll Need to Begin

  • High resolution images of the book cover (in jpeg, tiff or PSD format)
  • Author photo in high resolution (you may want to provide several so the photos aren't redundant throughout the site)
  • 50% Project Initiation Fee

Next Steps

With the receipt of the 50% Project Initiation Fee, design materials, and design likes/dislikes our designer will begin designing. We will deliver a home page mockup which is a visual of what the homepage will look like. Lorem ipsum text will be used for areas of copy unless otherwise agreed upon. You should share this mockup with anyone from whom you are planning to get input on this project to ensure that we are getting all comments at each stage. This may include your agent, editor or publicist. It's your choice.
We will send you revised homepage mockups based on your feedback until you are satisfied.
Once you approve the homepage design, we will move on to a design for the interior pages. We will follow the same process as the homepage (interior page mockups, incorporating your feedback, revisions as needed, and approval).
Please note we do reserve the right to discuss a $100/hour fee for excessive time spent on additional design work. This rarely has been necessary.

Design Signoff will happen once you have the design that you like. Once you approve the design, any further art changes will be billed at $100/hour, so it is important to get all your design feedback done before you sign off.

Content will then be added as we move to production.The client is responsible for all site copy writing. Though we are glad to answer questions or provide examples of other authors' work, the client will be required to provide all written copy for this project. Copy must be delivered as a Microsoft Word document or as plain email text. Please note that we feel strongly that the copy for the site should be as strong as the design. 

Clients will then view the website at a hidden URL. They should share the URL with whoever they would like to input from. Carol also will review the site at this time.

If the client needs the site delivered by a specific date, we should be made aware of this at the start of the project!

Please note that building a website is a collaborative effort. In order to move forward we will need the client's feedback at several stages throughout the process. Delayed response to our queries can lead to a delay of the launch date. We will do everything in our power to launch within the desired time frame, but cooperation is key.

Launch happens once we have made any changes noted during the review process and the client has approved the site. 

Post Launch
Metatagging is done to get the site listed with all search engines. Traffic reports are sent to clients on a monthly basis.

For each project where hosting/maintenance is contracted, text updates are included in the pricing. Art changes are billed at $100/hour. New pages are $100/page.