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They are timely in updating and managing my site and I am impressed with their skills. - Nelson DeMille

Our Services

The AuthorsOnTheWeb division of The Book Report Network can help build online awareness for your book with our Internet Marketing/Publicity services. Options include comprehensive Internet Marketing/Publicity campaigns and concentrated Blog Tours. We have successfully marketed over 300 books in a variety of genres.


Broad Outreach Campaigns


Our Broad Outreach Campaign includes a six-week period of research and outreach. During this period we search for and pitch appropriate websites and blogs that may be interested in your book. Our goal is to match the perfect book with the perfect website/blog and get people excited about your title. We work to generate coverage for your book by securing a combination of:

  • Book reviews, recommendations and mentions
  • Interviews
  • Author guest post requests and/or article placement
  • Giveaways

Already feel you have certain online areas covered but wish you had time to dig even deeper? Perhaps you are handling book websites and blogs but you want response from topic-specific blogs as well --- or vice versa. We can help by “dividing and conquering” --- splitting target areas with you to get your book in front of as many outlets as possible.




  • For a Broad Outreach campaign (six weeks of active marketing/publicity plus a period of follow-up as appropriate), fees start at $4,500.00 plus a mailing retainer if applicable.

* If scheduling permits, AuthorsOnTheWeb will discuss projects with shorter terms of outreach for reduced fees. Prices as of March 2010.


Blog Tours


An alternative to our Broad Outreach Campaign is our Blog Tour Service. A blog tour is a more concentrated campaign as it focuses on a specific number of book blogs or topic blogs. We will work with each blog to assign a day for coverage to appear. Coverage could consist of reviews, interviews, guest posts and giveaways. Not every book is appropriate for a blog tour --- we will provide guidance on whether booking a blog tour or a full Internet Marketing/Publicity campaign is recommended.


  • Fees start at $800 plus a mailing retainer, if applicable. Payment is due before project commences.