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Market Surveys

In 2009 Research@TBRN conducted in-depth surveys on two topics.

The first was Book Groups, where more than 7,700 readers weighed in on how their book groups are run, what they like to read and how they get their information. Based on these findings, is adapting a number of initiatives for 2010, including a more robust Coming Soon feature on the site so readers can make their book selections well in advance of their meetings. Highlights of the survey findings may be found here.

The second was a survey of readers, where more than 4,200 readers (two-thirds of them teens) shared their feedback on what they read, how they find books and what influences them. A list of the topics covered in the survey may be found here.

To obtain the complete results of the or surveys, please contact Maureen Linehan at

In fall 2010 surveys of the college and twenty-something market and readers are planned.
To suggest a survey topic for 2011? Contact Carol Fitzgerald at