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They are timely in updating and managing my site and I am impressed with their skills. - Nelson DeMille


"Thank you Bookreporter for developing an amazing website for me. Carol Fitzgerald and her team are very professional and easy to work with. They come up with creative ways to promote my books and their talent for design layout is top notch. They are competent and timely in updating and managing my site and I am impressed with their skills." - Nelson DeMille, author of RADIANT ANGEL

"AuthorsOnTheWeb is great! Not only are they tech savvy, they're author savvy. After all, we're writers, not hedge-fund managers. We have different needs. They know how the publishing world works, and how to make an author look good online. For those (like me) who find the Internet a murky and occasionally intimidating place, it's nice to have these people on your side." - Eric Weiner, author of THE GEOGRAPHY OF GENIUS

"I was literally pulled into the internet age kicking and screaming. Honestly, all I could imagine when someone said website design was a lot of work and no reward. Well, Carol Fitzgerald and the team at AuthorsOnTheWeb showed me how wrong I was. They've made it incredibly easy to have a beautiful website that's rich in content, and more importantly, I believe that my web presence has made a real difference in sales. I can't recommend them highly enough." - Kristin Hannah, author of THE NIGHTINGALE

"I found Authors on the Web and ten years ago and bless my lucky stars. I've been with them almost since their beginning, and they just keep getting better and better. They are creative, energetic, collaborative and a joy to work with. They seem to have one foot in the future so they always know what's coming and can be there first. They have redesigned my website several times but each one has received raves from viewers. I would be lost without them. I can't recommend them highly enough!" - Margaret George, author of THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF HENRY VIII, HELEN OF TROY, and ELIZABETH I

"AuthorsOnTheWeb is first rate! No cookie-cutter websites here. Original, creative and customized work with speedy udates and revisions. I've gotten a thousand compliments on the look of the site and the ease of navigating it. " - Paul Levine, author of BUM RAP, the Solomon vs. Lord Series, and the Jake Lassiter Series

"AuthorsOnTheWeb have built websites for both my books, and when I write a third, I hope they'll do that one too. They are creative, thoughtful, thorough and so responsive - everything I needed. I'm grateful for their help." - Maryn McKenna, author of SUPERBUG: The Fatal Menace of MRSA and BEATING BACK THE DEVIL: On the Front Lines with the Disease Detectives of the Epidemic Intelligence Service

"You will find plenty of others who can build and maintain your author's website for a cheaper price, but chances are very good you won't get the level of professionalism I've had for over 10 years with AuthorsOnTheWeb. Their designs are unique and user-friendly; their marketing expertise, invaluable; their tech support, FAST!" - Ad Hudler, author of MAN OF THE HOUSE

"Everyone I've worked with at AuthorsOnTheWeb has dedicated themselves to providing my book, The Warrior, with a site that meets my specific needs. From the elegant graphics and site architecture to the meticulous maintenance and care of the site, the AuthorsOnTheWeb has exceeded my expectations, and I feel the site has provided my readers with a beautiful and easy-to-navigate place to be in touch with me and to find more in-depth information about my book. My website managers are pro-active, resourceful, flexible and endlessly helpful and patient with my many requests. I highly recommend AuthorsOnTheWeb and the professionals who make it work to any author who wants to support a book or books with a website." - Frances Richey, author of THE WARRIOR

"Working with AuthorsOnTheWeb has been terrific. When I first contacted Carol Fitzgerald about an author web site, I had never even visited one. She guided me expertly through the process, and I'm thrilled what we came up with. In the ensuing years the support staff have been great." - Marcia Muller, author of BURN OUT

"I've gotten as many compliments on my website as on my books! The AuthorsOnTheWeb team is creative, supportive, innovative. An author's best ally." - Victoria Lustbader, author of STONE CREEK

"Carol and her amazing team at AuthorsOnTheWeb transformed my website, taking me to the next level. Working with Carol was a dream. She's knowledgeable, energetic and creative. Her expertise in publishing was a terrific boon and helped make the transition effortless and smooth. I highly recommend her office for any author looking to create or revamp a website that is engaging, informative and valuable." - Debbie Macomber, Rose Harbor in Bloom, Starting Now, and Once Upon a Time