Our Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Trying to figure out your strategy? Grow your readership? Brand yourself? One way to grow and innovate is to bring in respected professionals who ask tough questions and suggest new ideas. For publishing, that’s Carol Fitzgerald. She offers consulting services for authors, agents and publishers.

Why Carol?

Her 20+ years of experience as founder of The Book Report Network has afforded her a long view of changes in the publishing business. She had a vision of how the internet would change the business long before most were considering its power and potential.

How Carol Can Help You

  • Growth initiatives
  • Author positioning
  • Newsletter: List growth, content and design
  • Social Media guidance
  • Audience identification
  • Manuscript consultation with an eye on marketing
  • Strategies for Targeting Book Groups
  • Website review of design and content
  • Advice on marketing campaigns
  • Project management
  • Proposal review

Why Hire Carol?

Over the last 20 years, Carol’s goal has been clear—to connect readers and authors. Her mantra: “It’s all about the reader.” It’s not just what you are saying but also how you are saying it. In these days of constant communication, it’s also when you are saying it.

In a market where there is a lot of noise and hype, and product that disappoints the buyers, messaging needs to be sharper than ever. Small details can have a big impact; how things are said and when they are said are critical. Carol’s 17 years of experience at Condé Nast taught her the importance of messaging presented with the right voice, tone and attitude. This infuses every aspect of her consulting process.

  • She has a proven track record of reaching readers.
  • She came from outside the book business and thus sees the market with a lens unobstructed by “the way it has been done.”
  • She is an authority often quoted in the trade and consumer press, noted for her pithy commentary.
  • She is connected. Her network is large and far-flung. Her relationships are strong, based on mutual trust.

What are the keys to her success?

  • She reads hundreds of books a year — and has knowledge of hundreds more.
  • She is in constant dialogue with readers, with an eye on what appeals to them and what turns them off.
  • She knows how to conduct research that drives a plan.
  • She looks beyond the book market to the rest of the pop culture medium as a comparative business model.
  • She asks questions and listens to the answers, often hearing the message beyond what everyone wants to see or hear.
  • She is not afraid to share her opinion, even when it flies contrary to what people are comfortable with.

When to contact Carol?

Before a deal is made to weigh in on a project.

Once a deal is made to plot strategy.

When a campaign is beginning, to strengthen it.

When not to contact Carol?

When your plan is sinking and needs to be resuscitated.

When you are not ready to listen.

How to contact Carol?

Email Carol at carol@bookreporter.com