Wendy Sherman Associates

Wendy Sherman Associates, Inc. is the home of award-winning writers and bestselling books. With a unique perspective on the publishing process, and an invaluable blend of experience in editorial, acquisitions, sales, marketing, and contract negotiations, they offer their clients a comprehensive strategy for navigating the publishing terrain. As a full service agency, they also partner with major film and television agents in Los Angeles.

With a long-standing tradition of attracting and identifying quality material and a strong knowledge of market trends, they have proven success discovering first time authors as well as managing  the work of those with established careers. They pride themselves on cultivating long-term relationships with clients as well as with publishers throughout the world.


“AuthorsOnTheWeb is the go-place for website development for me and for many of my clients. I’ve worked with Carol Fitzgerald since day 1, when I literally knew nothing. They are industry insiders who provide a personal and creative approach to designing a website that is user friendly and effective. The entire team is hands-on and easy to work with, and available when you need them. They are always my first choice recommendation.” — Wendy Sherman, Founder, Wendy Sherman Associates